4 Types of Difficult Clients that Virtual Assistants Deal With

Setting up a virtual assistant business is a dream come true for people who wish to earn a living while working at home. However, there is no venture free of challenges.

Working remotely certainly have its perks but when difficult clients come into the picture, you may feel thwarted to the point of quitting and I am not exaggerating.

A business sans bad clients is not possible so you have to learn how to deal with them the right way. Don’t we all wish we have a sensor that will beep when a difficult client appears on your screen? Sadly, their true colors only appear while the project is ongoing.

This is an inevitable part of the Virtual Assistants’ world so don your armor of patience and do not allow personality clashes to cut short your thriving career. What must you do when you encounter clients that make you cringe? Here are counter measures for difficult clients.

The Nitpicker. You follow instructions to the tee and yet this client rants on mistakes that seem to come from nowhere. Clients are expected to be meticulous but sadly there are some who just want to give you a hard time because they pay you.

What to do? Corrections should be done immediately and as instructed. Make sure you record all your conversations to be used as reference for clarifications. Aim to deliver everything that is stipulated in the contract. Nothing more nothing less.

The Clueless One. The ball starts rolling and you get a call from your client who tells you, he or she wants to change the game plan. Just when changes are in order, the client wants to restructure plans again. And the cycle goes on because the client just can’t make up his mind.

What to do? Encourage the client to stick to the agreed plan until project completion. Politely reject major revisions in the plans. This should not be an awkward conversation and pong completion you can discuss making changes.

The Bully. This kind of client abuses the old adage “Customers are always right” and make your teeth grind in frustration. You will be manipulated to do more than what was agreed upon.

What to do? Say “No” the right way. Do not hesitate to stand your ground. Your contract is your best ally here. A bully will back off once he realizes that the Virtual Assistant he hired is not a pushover.

The Know- it- All. This client only likes to hear his or her own voice and will shut down any type of suggestion coming from you. Makes you wonder why you got hired in the first place.

What to do? Execute work as agreed upon or as dictated in this case. Make sure that everything is backed by records that you can use for reference in the event your client attacks you with complaints.

Clients come and go in this business. It is important that you do not burn bridges along the way. Deliver excellent piece of work regardless of your client’s bad behavior. This way you end up being the better person. Learning how to deal with difficult clients will enable you to succeed in the Virtual Assistant business.