Accounts Support Virtual Assistant

Account Support is a position that covers 2 distinct functions: Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

The Accounts Receivable Officer works to ensure the company receives payment for all goods and services rendered during a specified time period. The Accounts Receivable Officer does this by reviewing and validating all invoices and checking for discrepancies in record keeping. A company can efficiently maintain liquidity through effective management of all accounts receivables.

The Accounts Payable Officer is responsible for tracking all amounts owed by the business to its vendors, suppliers and other creditors. The Accounts Payable Officer reviews Purchase Orders, charge slips, sales tickets and other relevant documentation as basis for preparation of payment. The Accounts Payable Officer is responsible for maintaining all transaction records.

Managing the company’s credit and debit positions is integral to financial planning and budgeting. Projects could be delayed because accounts payable have accrued and become demandable that cash flow is compromised. Internal sources of revenue could be inadequate because receivables remain unearned.

If you want your company’s financial position to run smoothly you should have a skilled, well-experienced and savvy Accounts Support Officer onboard. Contact us to discuss your needs for an accounts support remote worker.