Bookkeeper Virtual Assistant

A Bookkeeper manages the numbers and works with the company’s accounts to oversee that all transactions are recorded in the ledger. Accurate bookkeeping tracks the flow of money in and out of the company’s coffers. Businesses often end up closing shop if they cannot manage the money they generate.

Bookkeepers are asked to produce reports that explain to management how money was spent, invested, or allocated. Through proper bookkeeping reconciliation, a company can identify potential anomalies in the distribution or disbursement of financial resources.

Among the other tasks our Bookkeeper virtual assistant can perform are as follows:

  • Monitors fixed assets
  • Track office inventory
  • Pay supplier invoices accordingly
  • Pay debts promptly
  • Collect and record accurate sales taxes
  • Record all cash receipts
  • Prepares monthly bank reconciliation
  • Prepares financial statements
  • Maintain the accounting system in an orderly manner

A Bookkeeper plays an important function in assuring the financial integrity of your business. As the business owner, you should know how your company is performing and the key indicators are with the numbers.

If you want to ensure your hard earned revenues are put to good use in helping your business grow, hire a Bookkeeper today. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss about getting you a Bookkeeper virtual assistant. We provide qualified virtual assistants for real estate at affordable rates.