Virtual Assistant For E-mail Marketing

58% of adults read their e-mail first thing in the morning and 73% check them at least three times a day. If you want your content delivered directly to your target market, e-mail marketing is the way to go.

E-mail marketing gets your content right where you want it, the prospect’s inbox. But for your e-mail marketing campaign to be successful, it must have strategy, purpose and must adhere to online marketing best practices.

Your Email Marketing real estate virtual assistant specialist has the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Design your e-mail marketing campaign;
  • Conducts research to determine your target market;
  • Prepares the time-table of your campaign;
  • Tracks and analyzes the results of your campaign.

The Email Marketing Specialist will create marketing content that will compel the recipient to action. It will be delivered according to schedule in a mobile-friendly and generally accepted e-mail format.

Your data base will be integral to the success of the e-mail marketing campaign. We guarantee that our Email Marketing Specialist virtual assistant will ensure the protection, security, maintenance and integrity of your data base. Contact us to discuss how SmartVirtualAssistant can help you find the right virtual assistant for your email marketing campaigns.