All entrepreneurs think they can do everything themselves, especially when launching their business, but they soon find out there aren’t enough hours in the day.

If you want to build and maintain excellent customer relationships, you need to hire a skilled virtual assistant sooner rather than later.

A virtual assistant can help with tasks such as data entry, answering phone calls, scheduling meetings and handling customer inquiries.

This article focuses on all the aspects of hiring a general virtual assistant that you need to be aware of when starting the hiring process.

Benefits Of Hiring A VA 

1 – Boost Your Productivity

Hiring a virtual assistant and paying them hourly to perform data entry admin tasks and look after your calendar management boosts your company’s productivity. 

A multi-skilled virtual assistant can also manage social media, a vital element of all modern businesses. 

Things You Should Know When Hiring Social Media Virtual AssistantBusy entrepreneurs haven’t got time to check different social media platforms to ensure their company’s accounts reach the right target audience. 

As a business owner, you don’t want to worry about time-consuming tasks such as keeping track of multiple social media accounts; therefore, hiring a virtual assistant to do it for you will let you get on with more dollar-productive tasks.

Also, let your virtual assistant handle email management, incoming calls and social media queries, which all take valuable time. 

2 – Scale Your Business Faster

All new businesses are short on precious resources, so the best way to scale quickly is to hire a virtual assistant to save time for content writing for your company website.

While your virtual assistant is busy handling things like social media management and making sure they schedule posts on time, you can concentrate on looking after your important clients.

The more time you spend attracting new potential clients to your business, the quicker you will achieve sustainable growth.

Not only will your virtual assistant enter data, depending on their skills, but they can also study industry trends and handle web development and website maintenance.

Scheduling appointments can take time; your virtual assistant or executive assistant could manage this hassle-free.

And cost is always a consideration when trying to scale your business, so hiring remote working virtual assistants who are paid hourly for three or more hours proves cost-effective. 

3 – Delegate More Mundane Tasks

Delegating tasks can be challenging when you are new in business, as most entrepreneurs need to control everything from checking social media posts to studying financial reports.

However, delegating to others is a skill you must learn if you are going to prove successful. For example, all those data tasks and bookkeeping must be assigned to highly-skilled virtual assistants.

Small businesses rely heavily upon their team, so the right tasks must be delegated correctly, be it managing emails, creating content or producing quality graphic design for those critical PowerPoint presentations.

All these delegated tasks give entrepreneurs the time to focus on the needs of their important customers.

4 – Save On Operating Costs

Excellent virtual assistants are precious resources you cannot do without and can save you thousands of dollars on your monthly operating costs.

For example, you may require someone to manage web design and look after scheduling posts on social media. But if you can’t afford to employ someone on a salaried wage, you can hire a virtual assistant at a fraction of the cost.  

4 In-Demand Transcription Jobs for Virtual AssistantsWhen you hire a VA, you can choose how many hours they work each week and have the flexibility to reduce and increase when required.

Choosing to outsource specific tasks in your business will prevent you from spending money on additional costs such as pension contributions, holiday and sick pay and so on.  

5 – Reduce Overall Stress Levels

Running any sized business can be highly stressful, often leading to burnout which means, in extreme cases, the company doesn’t last beyond the first year.

Stress in the workplace is sadly on the increase, and contributing factors are that business owners take on too much work and ask too much of the workforce.

For example, daily administrative tasks can take up so much time that owners and staff always feel they are playing catch up.

An easy way of reducing high-stress levels is by hiring a remote worker through a virtual assistant services company to handle administrative tasks from data inputting to social media management.

Business owners are often surprised how many additional hours they get back to focus on high-end management requirements when they hire a virtual assistant.

The last thing any business needs is an owner and workforce constantly treading water regarding how much work they must get through each day.

6 – Better Deal With More Work

Hiring excellent virtual assistants as and when needed will give you the confidence to commit to additional contracts.

Often small business owners are too scared to take on additional work when the opportunity arises because they feel they can’t afford to employ more staff.

Employing more staff may be a stretch too far, but hiring skilled virtual assistants allows you the flexibility to increase their workload.

A virtual assistant can be hired when your company experiences their peak period, or whenever you run a new social media marketing campaign.

Keeping customers happy during these busy periods should always be the primary concern.

7 – Enjoy A Better Lifestyle

Entrepreneurs are single-minded individuals who believe that the work, eat, no sleep approach is the best way to achieve growth and run a successful business.

While dedication and passion are to be admired, this all-consuming approach leads to issues in your personal life which are then transferred to your business.

Neglecting to find ways to get that work-life balance right will lead to failure. Therefore, setting achievable goals for yourself and your staff is vital.

There is no reason why you can’t run a successful business and enjoy other vital parts of your life, and hiring virtual assistants will go a long way to helping you achieve both.

Let Us Help You Find The Ideal Virtual Assistant 

Hiring a virtual assistant is a must, but it can still prove overwhelming if you don’t have the time or experience needed to navigate the hiring process.

Instead of not hiring a virtual assistant or hiring the wrong person for the role, let us help us appoint the perfect VA for you. 

Our team will identify, screen, hire, train and manage the perfect person for your company.

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