Paralegal Virtual Assistant

Paralegals are generalized as people who work as assistants to attorneys. To be more specific, paralegals perform tasks that involve procedural legal work as required by law which otherwise would be done by the attorney. Paralegals gain knowledge of legal work through education and experience. You cannot become a paralegal unless you have undergone training specific to the tasks required of the job.

Some of the tasks regularly performed include:

  • Legal Research and Presentation
  • Client Interviews
  • Preparation of Legal Documents
  • Administrative Duties Inside the Law Office

These administrative duties include answering phone calls, taking down messages, e-mail filtering, confirming/ setting up of appointments, calling people relevant or associated with the case, schedule interviews, depositions, hearings and trials.

Paralegals can also perform legal transcription services which can be very challenging given the poor quality and the length of an audio. Most of the audio files are taken within court rooms where hearings and depositions take place. There are multiple speakers and acoustics are generally not ideal for clear audio.

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