Payroll Officer Virtual Assistant

The Payroll Officer is the person in charge on computing the total amount of salaries to the company’s employees.

Payroll is calculated according to accepted accounting principles and processed in a manner that corresponds with company’s policies. It is very important for the Payroll Officer to accurately keep track of the employees’ timekeeping records, actual work hours and all authorized deductions.

Thus the Payroll Officer must be knowledgeable of implementing guidelines issued by government agencies that oversee mandated benefits for employees. These can periodically change or be updated by the government. Having virtual real estate staff to help here is invaluable.

Other duties of the Payroll Officer include:

  • Enter all payroll date using authorized software
  • Review all entries and validate documents
  • Compute post payroll deductions
  • Provide payroll slips that show all earnings and deductions
  • Correct discrepancies immediately
  • Update payroll records
  • Process new employees

The Payroll Office is a valuable component of your accounting department. He or she is the person whom employees will liaison with when it comes to payroll concerns.

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