Transcriptionist/ Word Process Operator Virtual Assistant

Transcriptionists are tasked with transcribing or converting audio files into text files. Different fields of expertise such as the medical and legal industries, greatly utilize transcription services because they need the text file as quick reference. Other industries that use transcription work include:

  • Entertainment – Close Caption Transcription
  • Business – Transcription of meetings, events, forums
  • Academics – Transcription of seminars, resource speakers, classes, research work

Transcription is a skill that takes time to develop. A good transcriptionist must exhibit the following qualities:

  • High proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Meticulous; high attention to detail
  • Resourcefulness; able to conduct research when needed
  • Expert in time- management; deadlines are crucial in transcription work

Accuracy is very important for transcriptionists. Doctors for example, have prescriptions for specific patients but oftentimes there are similar surnames. For the transcriptionist, he or she must confirm without a doubt the identity and proper spelling of the surname. The consequences of mistakes in identities, spelling, grammar and punctuation could be very costly to the client.

Our virtual real estate assistants have the training, experience and expertise to provide accurate and timely delivery of transcriptions. In addition to transcription, they can also proof- read and edit content. Send us an email to discuss more about our outsourcing services.