Why Outsource To The Philippines?

In 2015, the Philippines was declared the top country in the world for outsourcing. Two years prior, 2 of the Philippines’ key cities were ranked among the Top 10 destinations for global outsourcing, Manila was 3rd and Cebu was 8th.

So why has the Philippines become the premiere destination for outsourcing?

  1. Competitive Pricing – Outsourcing reduces the cost of business because comparative advantages exist. The highest comparative advantage lies in the cost of labor. You can generate cost savings of at least 40% by outsourcing to the Philippines.
  1. Rich Pool of Talent – The Philippines has one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 97.5%. In 2013, GlobalEnglish recognized the Philippines as number 1 in business English, beating out even the United States!
  1. Great Cultural Fit– The Philippines has been a colony of the Dutch, Spanish, United States and Japan. It has become a cultural melting pot of different morels and values. This is why the Philippines can adapt to the needs and demands of any country that wants to outsource.

The Philippines is expected to continue its growth trajectory until 2020 in the near term.

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