A Virtual Receptionist isn’t just someone who greets people or makes business calls. She is a highly-diversified, multi-skilled and experienced asset that can make your business run like a well-oiled machine.

Here are 10 benefits your business can realize by hiring a Virtual Receptionist:

1. Professionalizes your Business. In business, first impressions count especially when you are trying to expand your clientele or customer base.

It creates a strong impression on prospective clients when someone answers phone calls in a professional manner and provides concise information upon request.

Receiving materials, communication and other documents that are presented in a professional manner also create a powerful impression.

Little details such as neatly printed letters, well composed communication that have your header and signature have a big impact on how your business is perceived.

A Virtual Receptionist has the training and experience to professionalize your business.

2. Organizes your Business. Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with so many tasks you don’t know where to begin? It becomes worse when you realize as you rummage through your task list that most are past overdue!

By hiring a Virtual Receptionist you will have someone who can organize all the areas of your business. She can file your key documents, prioritize communication according to importance and make sure you never forget to issue payments to suppliers and creditors.

Thus, with a Virtual Receptionist, you can focus on the core functions of your business. These are the activities that comprise your main enterprise and generate dollars and cents to your business.

3. Efficient Time Management. In business, time is money. The key to becoming successful is making productive use of your time. There are only 24 hours in a day. Depending on how much time you sleep, you could have 16 to 18 hours of productive time left.

How you manage your time will determine how much work you will get done. A Virtual Receptionist can help you get more tasks accomplished:

• If you have an important meeting coming up, a Virtual Receptionist can prepare the presentation materials.

• If you are about to meet a prospective client, a Virtual Receptionist can do the necessary research to get you prepared.

• If you want to build your network, a Virtual Receptionist can manage your social media accounts

There are other tasks that a Virtual Receptionist can do for you to make sure you keep moving forward. And this would include:

4. Promptly Receives Incoming Calls. In business, sometimes the difference between opportunity gained and opportunity lost can be measured with the number of missed phone calls.

The saying “When opportunity comes knocking” may as well be written as “When opportunity comes calling”. The reality is opportunity knows no schedule. When it comes, you better hope you take the call!

With a Virtual Receptionist, you will never miss incoming calls again. She can take these calls while you work and will see to it you receive all the important details.

5. Improves Customer Service. In this day and age of the “Digital Information Highway”, customers are more informed. In 2000, there were only 300,000 people on the Internet. Today there are 3.3 Billion on the Internet every day searching for information.

This is why market retention is as important as market creation. Customer loyalty is hard to come by. If your customer service falls short, you can easily lose your market to a competitor.

A Virtual Receptionist will see to it that your customer service channels are running like clockwork. Whether its e-mail support, inbound services or chat support, a Virtual Receptionist will see to it that all queries and concerns will be attended to and resolved within a reasonable time frame.

6. Schedules and Maintains Appointments. Sales generation is a game of probabilities. The more opportunities you have to present your products and services the higher the probability of making a sale.

A Virtual Receptionist can make sure your calendar will be booked with appointments every week. At the same time, she will make sure you will not miss your appointments for the week.

7. Improves Quality of Work. Did you plan to blog three times a week but don’t have the time? Were you planning to work on some leads but realized your CRM needed updating?

The Virtual Receptionist is not just a personal secretary or assistant. Today’s version is much improved. Your Virtual Receptionist 2.0 has other skills you can capitalize on.

You can find virtual receptionists who have the skills to create well-written, relevant, engaging and keyword-rich content. You can also find virtual receptionists with the experience in managing CRM for sales or real estate.

8. Reduces Cost of Business. If you plan to streamline your costs of business or expand with little risk exposure, hire virtual receptionists instead of full time employees.

Virtual receptionists are not employed; you contract their services. Technically, they are proprietors in the business of virtual assistance. Thus, you only pay them for the hours worked and they are not entitled to receive company or government mandated benefits.

As proprietors, they are responsible for their own costs of business which have been factored into their hourly rate. It is estimated that the total cost of hiring a full time employee is 1.5 to twice their basic salary. With a Virtual Receptionist, you can save at least 40% from your cost of business.

9. Enhances Lead Generation. The benefits of having a Virtual Receptionist are cumulative. This means when your business is ran professionally, calls are answered promptly, customer service is much improved and the quality of work is higher, clients are more likely to engage your company.

The same holds true for your social media efforts. If you consistently post great blogs or articles are regularly engage your market, more people would want to follow your business.

10. Impress Bilingual Clients. Virtual receptionists can also be bilingual. You can find talent who can speak English, Filipino and Spanish. There are also candidates who are proficient in popular business languages such as Chinese, Japanese, French and Italian.

Hiring bilingual virtual receptionists will increase your value proposition and bring in more interest from other countries.

These are just 10 benefits. As you go forward, you will discover more advantages to hiring a Virtual Receptionist.

When you have a Virtual Receptionist on-board, you will immediately see and feel the difference in how your business operates. Everything runs smoother and you are able to have more control even though you have delegated some responsibilities to your Virtual Receptionist.