Real Estate

With the rapid growth and spread of urbanization, cities are getting more and more developed with each passing day. Their populations are growing exponentially, increasing the demand for real estate. This increase in demand calls for an increase in properties for sale.

And realtors are scouting premium real estate for people to purchase to meet this demand. They have begun integrating technology into their business to increase sales, making it more convenient for people to look up properties.

With the newest trend of real estate videography, interested buyers can look at the property online. They can thus decide beforehand if it would be beneficial to venture further into the process of purchasing or not.

The latest features such as pre-built video templates and more advanced real estate video editors will only create an abundance of such videos in the future.

The real estate video types

Realtors can use three types of videos to convey information about real estate. The purpose and making of each of these videos are different. They all provide a distinct experience to a viewer, and hence, are important in their own ways.

Let us look at these types.

Property Films

Property Films have two subclasses: video tours and virtual tours.

Video tours are basically “live videos” of the property. They are usually filmed from the point of view of someone exploring the estate. These videos are very beneficial as they give viewers the same experience they would get if they went to inspect the property themselves.

On the other hand, virtual tours are created by capturing 360-degree images of the property’s various rooms and locations. These component clips are then compiled together to create a digital tour of the estate.

The benefit of virtual tours is that they give viewers control over how they want to traverse the property. Like a game, they can control the amount of time they spend in one location and how closely they inspect it.

A good example of virtual tours would be Google street view, which is an excellent feature that allows users to explore streets on their own.

Agent Films/ Company Films

These real estate videos are a step up from the previous category. They are made with stunning visuals and a voice-over, usually from the agent selling the property. The agent typically adds their views in the video to closely recreate the experience of showing the property in person.

The video features the realtor’s point of view. The agent will aim to clarify all doubts and queries that may come up through the video.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are entirely different from the other two types we just mentioned.

Rather than focusing on the property, a testimonial video focuses more on the positive experiences previous customers have had with the agent or company. This approach helps the company or agent attract more clients and find potential opportunities to increase sales.

Benefits of real estate videography

Real estate videos have several benefits for the buyer, the seller, and the realtor. Let us take a look at them.

For the Buyer

A video helps you get a better idea of the appearance of a property.

When a customer looks at a property in the form of a video, they can gain an in-person experience from the comfort of their own homes. Real estate videos are a huge jump in the complete property-buying experience compared to photos.

Real estate videos also help capture the essence of easy-to-miss elements such as edges, fireplaces, shelves, and many more. Videos shot using drone technology enable the viewers to understand the property’s appearance as a whole and part of the neighborhood.

For the Real Estate Agent and the Seller

Going to the same property repeatedly to show it again and again to different buyers can be a daunting task for realtors.

With real estate videography, realtors can create videos of property tours and send them to all customers who show an interest in buying the estate. Realtors can also ensure that videos have all the critical points related to the estate that they can miss when giving live tours.

Apart from the realtors, real estate videography is also beneficial to sellers looking for agents to sell their estates. Videos help them gauge the caliber of the realtor. A good real estate video speaks a lot about the agent’s standard, acting as a benchmark.

How to begin real estate videography?

Now we have a better understanding of the significance of real estate videography. Therefore, let us dive into the steps involved in making such a video.

Search for the best videographer.

The first step is finding a good videographer. However, this task is easier said than done. A good videographer will need to know the important points of filming real estate.

They should know how to take appeasing shots and use light and shadows to their advantage. They should also have good photography skills, as hiring a separate photographer is not very prudent.

Likewise, they should also know how to operate their devices well. It is always good to get a portfolio to assess their previous work and see if their skills are what you need.

Do not compromise on quality.

A talented videographer will need proper equipment to fully utilize their skill set. For videography, you must use the best HD recorders along with the appropriate attachments.

They will also require other equipment to enhance the overall experience, which may include:

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Wide-angle lens (but not fisheye)
  • Gimbal or stabilizer
  • Professional drone
  • Lighting

Have top-notch editing.

Your video will need to undergo proper editing to finish it all up. While a plethora of software online can be used to fulfill this task, it would greatly benefit if you use a comprehensive real estate video editor.

Give proper attention to the transition between cuts and maintain uniformity of the complete video when editing. Remember, a good video will speak a lot about the pride you take in your work and help make or break future deals.


Real estate videography is a very beneficial tool in the real estate business.

As more and more businesses are going digital, real estate agents must find ways to keep up with new trends. Hence, the best thing to do right now is to improve your current capabilities and ensure that you stay ahead of the game.

The real estate market is something that will always have customers. So the true masters of such a market will be the ones that can harvest and utilize every skill they have at their disposal. These abilities include, but are not limited to, real estate videography.